7 simple Tips to loose weight faster

7 simple Tips to loose weight faster

Who wouldn’t want to be fit, have a perfect body right? We all know how important a fit body is, not only for good looks but also for sound health. Obesity is a raging problem among a new generation whose lifestyles consists of fast foods mostly. And so Heart Diseases, Diabetes, colon cancers are kicking off the chart too. They are so in a trend that every family is suffering.

Dietitians are so in demand these days, its almost like they are the career goals for most of us. We so often end up following their directions yet failing to reduce our weight and again indulging ourselves in food. We always want to lose weight FAST and start starving ourselves and finally GASTRITIS happens, and many other serious health disasters like anemia.

So here are some easy steps I enlisted that will surely help to lose weight in a healthy manner. Hope you will like it and it will help you. 🙂

1. Determination

Nothing or no one can help you if you cannot convince yourself.  So talk yourself out of it, and take a deep breath, start a fresh one, step out of your comfort zone, and take one step at a time towards success. No one can stop you.

2. Start with your own diet plan

Consulting a Dietitian is a wise move. You can motivate yourself to follow every step your doctor designed for you. If you cannot afford to visit, hey any problem pal, what are your own intuitions for? 😉 Make a list of healthy foods and unhealthy foods. And take a look at it, you will know which one to follow. Cut every oily, cheesy, high-calorie foods, carbs, beverages, sugar, chocolates, bacon whichever comes to your mind, foods which are guilty of your now health. It might be hard at first, but you will find yourself happy and satisfied with it. After all, you love yourself and you like to take care of yourself.

3. Eating healthy

First of all eating healthy doesn’t mean that you have to eat less. You can eat till your stomach is full. Only that your plates will contain different items. As you already know, lots and lots of vitamin-rich Fruits, vegetables and plenty of water will make your every cell happier than ever. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? 😉 You can follow wonderful recipes for fruit salad, soups, veggies. I assure you will enjoy every process. Fill your cart with tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, cabbages, lettuce, apples, mangoes, oranges, grapes, and whole other items that will make your fridge look like a Garden!!!  And smile every time you open your fridge.

4. Exercise

Get yourself off the bed now, its time to stretch!!! If you are following your diet plan but not doing any walking or exercising, the result might take longer to come than you expected. Healthy eating and workout combo is the best combination ever! So you can either hit the gym or start jogging or if you are “like to stay at home” kinda person, you make want to look out for FreeHand Exercises, or YOGA. I tell what, you will begin to see changes in a week at least.  So my Senor and Senora, get your butt off your bed and start stretching. 😀

5. Quit Alcohol and Smoking

Drinking and smoking may not be the 1st cause of obesity, but these are the worst habits that make our body cells cry. Alcohol gives a hangover which might distract you from your goal. And Smoking is the father of all causes of cancer starting from head to toe. So not only losing your excess weight is necessary for a fit body, but also quitting alcohol and cigarette is very important to stay fit and bright than ever before.

6. Health Drinks 

There are many health drinks to help you with. Green tea, Turmeric tea, Cumin water, Cinnamon tea etc. are nowadays so popular and have received best of the reviews. They help to metabolize excess fats and help the body to excrete harmful toxins too. They purify your body fluid and help not only in losing weight but also improve your skin and hair condition.  So bonus effect for you. Take advantage of these as much as you want. And most important one is WATER. It does those two things I wrote just before and also help body fight with many diseases, for e.g. UTI ladies and gentlemen.  Try to consume at least 2 liters of water a day and keep your body happy always.

7. Stay positive

Result that you expect depends upon how much you weigh. So if there are many pounds to lose, and it is taking longer, don’t end up losing hope instead of weight. As it is said, Hard Work Pays Off and Awaited Fruit is Always Sweet. You can read stories about people who went through same things, or join a group to share. Even your favorite celeb might have the same story so you can see them as your inspiration. Indulging into foods might give you temporary pleasure but you end up with guilt. So stay strong and positive. You know you can do it.

So these are some ways I could think off, but you can do more. Be confident, hopeful, patient with yourself and believe in yourself that you can do it. Every day you at the mirror and you will know how much you can do for the person you are looking at. LOVE YOUR BODY AS IT IS WHERE YOU WILL ALWAYS LIVE.

Hope I have helped you. Smile.

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