Get rid of Belly Fat in no time ;)

Get rid of Belly Fat in no time ;)

Hi guys, last time I wrote about how to lose weight faster in my 1st post, right here. And today I am writing specifically about losing belly fat! There are simple ways to lose belly fat and some of them we know already! Here I have TEN tips which will help you really.

Healthy Eating Habit

  1. Less calorie foods:- First of all, you have to decrease the amount of oil in your cooking. It is beneficial in preventing heart disease, high cholesterol and hypertension too. Also you might want to avoid fast food containing cheese and mayo like burgers, pizzas, hot dogs, bacon. Also avoid sugary foods, like doughnut, brownies, cakes. It might be hard at first, you will get used to it. And you will feel satisfied with yourself too.   Super yummy foods are not actually super healthy. Trust me, doing this, 50% of your work is covered.
  2. Breakfast:- Don’t make a mistake by avoiding too much to lose fat, otherwise you may suffer from anemia! You can have one boiled egg without worrying at breakfast. A glass of fruit juice, couple of toasted brown breads, and some vegetables are great for breakfast. But remember homemade juices are best, because product juices have high sugar content which in reverse might increase your sugar level.
  3. Lunch:- Eating heavy amount of carbs for lunch, binge eating just because you feel hungry will make your situation worse. Carbs increase sugar level which increase Insulin secretion. Insulin is a anabolic hormone so it will increase fat synthesis. And these fat will be deposited nowhere else but abdomen making your belly more huge. So best is trying to limit your lunch within vegetables, less and less carbs. You can keep carrots, grapes, lettuce, or broccoli in your lunch box. Before reaching your cheese stuffed snacks, reach your lunch box.
  4. Herbal tea:- Forget about milk tea, milk coffee, STARBUCKs! But move yourself toward green tea, turmeric tea. Trust me these are great great help. These help to metabolize the toxins in body and burn huge amount of fat! These also decrease your appetite without hampering your health. Rather they contain antioxidant which decrease the aging process as well.
  5. Dinner:- DO NOT skip your dinner. This is the biggest mistake most people make and suffer from gastritis and many other health hazards. Rather you can eat till your stomach burst, dinner like cucumber, carrot salad! Best of the Best! Try it, I have done it too and it works perfectly.
  6. Water:- A day with 2.5 to 3 liters of water not only will help you to lose fat, but also clearing all the harmful toxins produced by your body like urea, createnine. This will keep your kidneys happy, all cells young and beautiful.

Regular Exercise

  1. Walking or Running:- Dont just sit around but keep moving. Try to keep a habit of daily waling or running for atleast 20 to 30 minutes, till you sweat but try not to exhaust yourself. This will help you a lot, and make the process faster. This will also keep your mind fast and body swifter.
  2. Free hand exercises:- Once a day,  about 15, 20 crunches, 30 seconds of plank for 2 3 rounds, mountain climber, arches are few of the best exercise to tone up your belly.
  3. Cycling:- Yeah have fun side by side with burning your calories. Try sometimes riding yor bicycle to your workplace. Smooth way to lose your belly fat as well as toning your whole body up!


Further talking about food habit, try to avoid snacks like chips, doritos, cookies. When you hink of them, make your brain work automatically for water and salads. Drink water in regular intervals if your feel hungry eeven slightly.

Keep a company

Be with someone who is also trying the same thing. At least you two will encourage each other. Staying motivated all the time is not easy always. Sometime you may fail to keep up, but you can always start a fresh. Trust me, you will surely geet a great result out of your hardship. DONT JUST HIDE YOUR BELLY, LOSE IT!


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