How much does a hair transplant cost around the world?

How much does a hair transplant cost around the world?

In the era of increasing pollution, and Global warming, one of the major health problem people around the world are facing is hair loss. I have noticed many people developing baldness. We all know how important is our hair volume and its health. And the turmoil our heart has to go through with every strand of hair falling off our head is unbearable. Doesn’t matter if we are male or female, feelings are almost same.

Medicine is an ever-changing and advancing field where countless treatment plans are introduced, and so is Hair transplantation.  The first hair transplant procedure was performed by Dr. Norman Orentreich in 1952 in New York City. With time, different techniques are introduced and success rates are increasing making Hair Transplant Surgery popular among people. It is one of the most demanding procedures of all time. And so people are looking for most cost-effective ones.

Turkey, India, USA, Philippines, Thailand are those popular destinations of Hair Transplantation that people prefer. So if you are planning to go for the surgery, and needs some idea about the cost, here you can find some.

Usually, on average per hair graft, it costs about $5 to $7, making it about $15000 to $30000 for one-time surgery in countries like USA and Australia. Among above-mentioned countries, Thailand, India, and the Philippines are comparatively affordable ones than USA and Australia let alone the travel expenses.

  • India may cost you around $500 to $600 for a whole procedure which means $1 approx.
  • Another option you might like is Bangladesh where cost is around $2000 to $3000 with considerably good success rates.
  • Here you can find best health care, as we are talking about Hair Transplant, it only costs about $0.6 per graft, making it less than a dollar! and with good feedback, if you worry about the quality.
  • There are many other places you can consider as options like Spain, Sweden, Greece, Mexico. But more than about cost, you might want to think about the precautions you have to follow before and after the surgery. Make sure you follow every advise your doctor gives you, just to fight back complications which may cost you even more.

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